From Idea to Impact: The Evolution of Square Foot Superhero

The beginnings and purpose of the Square Foot Superhero course - your ultimate training quest as a custom home designer.

Part One: Introduction and Background

Who am I?

Hi! Thank you for joining me on this journey. While I may not hold the title of the greatest architecture enthusiast on the planet, I certainly have an unyielding passion for designing highly functional homes that cater very specifically to their occupants’ needs.

I’m Stefani Thatcher, and I’ve been crafting custom homes for over two decades - a span that stretches AALLLLL the way back to the last century! In 1999, my husband and I embarked on the adventure of designing AND building our first home together. Logistically, it just made sense: He swung a hammer for his day job and had access to all the tools and much of the equipment we would need. Being as poor as church mice, we embraced the concept of sweat equity as our pathway to homeownership.

Challenge accepted!

To shape our floor plans and construction blueprints, my father-in-law, a seasoned general contractor, introduced me to the CAD/BIM software that remains my steadfast companion and number one design tool to this day.

And so, the journey began!

My time spent with boots on the ground and my own personal tool belt secured around my waist (a much-needed, practical gift from my sweet husband), imparted invaluable lessons that continue to resonate throughout my residential design career. The construction lingo and building codes learned during my architectural studies gained tangible significance as I applied them firsthand during our personal build.

I’ve been happily married to that same remarkable man - a blend of intense pragmatism, unrelenting perseverance, and serial handyman - since 1995. I’m the dreamer. He’s the realist. It’s a dynamic that surprisingly harmonizes most of the time.

Together, our lives are supremely enriched by our four unique, stubborn, independent, and endlessly captivating children. We’re a family that cherishes travel and adventure together, from camping in Yellowstone to “fit travels” through Europe. Completing our family is our insanely adorable, thinks-she’s-human springerdoodle, Bleu.

The Birth of 'Square Foot Superhero'

I refer to it as a ‘God-dream’. That moment when an idea pops into your head, seemingly out of nowhere, accompanied by an innate understanding (like, a burning in your chest - and no, it’s not heartburn!) that this ONE IDEA holds the key - the answer - to that pressing dilemma or a promising future.

This is your way forward.

The year was 2018, and I was just starting to lose my grip of full control in my fledgling business. (Yes, I know, quite the shocker, right? No entrepreneur has grappled with such feelings before - ever.) Oddly, I hadn’t actively sought a solution; I could only sense that there must be a more effective approach to my work.

And so, in the midst of one of my contemplative “shower thought” moments, the most seemingly simple revelation opened up to me. A solution emerged, not only for my immediate quandary, but also for the periphery challenges I hadn’t even consciously identified just yet.

What is 'Square Foot Superhero'
‘Square Foot Superhero’ was born, quite literally, by divine intervention.

Each step unveiled in this training course serves as a remedy to a hurdle I’ve confronted as a residential designer. It is an online training program that systematically uncovers the techniques, methodologies, and strategies that I organically developed during the infancy of my entrepreneurial journey.

It’s important to clarify that ‘Square Foot Superhero’ does not provide lessons in architecture, drafting, CAD proficiency, or industry-specifics.

Rather, the program’s essence lies in empowering residential designers to elevate their home design mastery, emerging as the champions that homeowners need at the very inception of their design and construction voyage.

Is 'Square Foot Superhero' the Right Fit for You?

Oh, how I wish everyone could benefit from the ‘Square Foot Superhero’ program. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t align with such wishes.

‘Square Foot Superhero’ has been meticulously crafted for aspiring design professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds, offering a haven to those who desire to:

  1. Amplify their design confidence.

  2. Initiate or expand their own residential design business enterprise.

  3. Join a community of kindred spirits - principled design professionals driven by elevated moral and ethical standards.

  4. Enhance their floor plan precision.

  5. Deepen their understanding of structural elements, construction, and design principles.

  6. Stand as the vanguard for their clients’ interests.

  7. Optimize the service experience for their clients.

  8. Deliver superior residential design services and products (floor plans, guides, checklists, sketches, site visits, etc)

  9. Foster the growth of a thriving residential design business.

  10. Bid adieu to the anxieties of sporadic job prospects.

  11. Augment profit margins.

  12. Regularly secure dream clients and projects.

  13. Populate their booking calendar months in advance.

  14. Bolster organic, word-of-mouth marketing strategies.

  15. Extend their professional network.

While the ‘Square Foot Superhero’ program accommodates novices with humble beginnings, a deeper grasp of residential design and construction can expedite the journey to success within the training program.

Desired Outcomes of 'Square Foot Superhero'

The ‘Square Foot Superhero’ program ardently aspires to unify the entire spectrum of the home design and construction process - from designers to inspectors - all working collaboratively in the pursuit of shaping the homeowners’ life story, using their new home as center stage.

By cultivating designers versed in the ‘SMARTER Design Method,’ ‘Square Foot Superhero’ strives to:

  • Instill a fresh standard of professionalism within the residential design industry.

  • Foster proactive design practices, casting designers as the adept professionals homeowners entrust with their dreams,

  • Imbue a win-win mindset into design endeavors, assuming the mantle of the first line of defense for the homeowners.

  • Champion foresightful design, preemptively identifying and resolving future concerns for homeowners.

  • Foster a rational approach by leaving emotions at the door.

The Motivations Behind 'Square Foot Superhero' - A Sneak Peek

Stay tuned as I unravel the core catalysts that propelled the creation of ‘Square Foot Superhero’ in the upcoming blog post series titled, “From Idea to Impact: The Evolution of Square Foot Superhero - Your Ultimate Training Quest.”

Eager to learn more? Join me for the ride!

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