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Where Are You in Your Residential Design Journey QUIZ

Are you in the start-up phase of your home design career or ready to scale to new heights? Take this quiz to get your custom career roadmap!

Floor Plan Magic: Spotting & Solving 10 Sneaky Home Design Problems

Learn the 10 things that your floor plans might be missing and take your designs from good to great! 

The CAD Matrix

Unsure which CAD program you need? Compare 9 of the most popular programs and their features to learn which one is right for you and your home designs. 

10 Strategies to Transform from "Robot Drafter" to "Home Design Hero"

Get this checklist to become the stand-out "Home Design Hero" I know you can be!

5 Easy Steps to Launch Your Home Design Business

Are you ready to launch your own home design business but feeling overwhelmed by the process? This Exceptional Designer's Guide will help you get going!

How to Ask the Right Questions When Hiring a Builder

Learn how to best phrase some of the most important questions for a potential builder to ensure you get the info you really need!

The Homeowner's Selections Checklist

Learn which items you'll need to purchase for your new home, in order of the build process!

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