A Residential Designer's Blueprint to Eliminate Client, Process, and Project Drama

If I could share one piece of advice with my younger self about optimizing my residential design career, here's what I'd say...

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Join me for this FREE training if...

  • Instead of just one boss, you now work for many (a.k.a. clients)
  • You find client interactions (phone calls, texts, meetings) exhausting
  • You're overwhelmed with uninspiring projects

Now is the perfect time to become the residential designer
you are meant to be. 

More than ever, the world hungers for exceptional residential designers. We need more professionals skilled in crafting dream homes and unforgettable design experiences that clients are intrinsically craving.

If uninspiring work or untapped creativity has held you back, don't hesitate - this is your breakthrough.

In this free Zoom event, I will unveil my five dynamic strategies to banish design process chaos, cultivate enduring client relationships, generate uncommon repeat business, fuel your creativity, and master your optimal work-life balance.

Discover the five strategies that would fast-track me to a six-figure business if I were starting fresh today.

Design doesn't have to be difficult every, dang, day. Trust me.

I'm Stefani Thatcher,
A residential designer (not an architect) and fierce advocate for enterprising homeowners.

I escaped the lazy life of mundane drafting and design-by-committee work in 2015. By 2020, during the global pandemic, I celebrated my first six-figure year on my own terms and working part-time from home.

Typically, I'm a "leap first, then look" kind of gal, learning the best (and often, most painful) lessons from doing. Yet, I crave a detailed path. There is power in following a proven path led by an experienced guide.

Passion fuels my drive for innovative solutions to repeat problems.

Now, I'm delighted to provide you with the roadmap I desperately craved. It's time to unleash your limitless design potential. I can't wait to meet you.

Do you struggle with?

Effectively managing your bookings?

Dealing with design restrictions and frustrations?

Challenging client interactions?

Capitalizing on project results?

Then you won't want to miss this