Learn the superhero secrets behind Roofs and Revisits

In Module 4 of SFS, you will level up your skills to design roofs that WOW without breaking the bank, as well as revisiting plans to make sure the design is headed in the right direction.

Course Summary

For this course, we have broken out and delivered to you Module 4 of our Square Foot Superhero course. Square Foot Superhero follows the "SMARTER" method of design, and Module 4 is where we cover the "R", which stands for Roofs and Revisits.

In this course, we will be developing our confidence with roof design. Since roofs play such a large role in the overall look and feel of the home, we will be learning how to use the circular design theory to set up the layout from the beginning to achieve the desired roof that matches the homeowners' style. We will also be revisiting and revising any previous plans, as we forsee the structural and aesthetic outcomes.

Course Curriculum

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