Fast forward years of design mistakes in under 10 hours.

Stop learning how to design great homes by trial and error.

Start thinking and working like an expert home designer - deliver flawless layouts that will make working with builders, engineers, and clients a smooth process every time.

Learn from one of the most successful custom home designers in Utah!

Square Foot Superhero

What design and architecture degrees don't teach you about custom home design.

This live zoom course gives you all the practical knowledge I've learned in 25 years of designing custom homes:

Unforseen pitfalls and mistakes that new designers make, so you can skip the learning curve.

How to collaborate with other professionals to give your clients a seamless experience.

What you can do to start relying 100% on referrals and word-of-mouth to fuel your business.

Hear what my design clients have said:

Your future clients could be saying things like this to you once you begin designing homes like a Square Foot Superhero!

You have made this process that I was initially terrified of totally enjoyable and easy.


Just wanted to let you know we really appreciate what you are doing and have somewhat of an idea of the complexity. We love the way it's all headed and all that we are learning through the process as well. You are awesome! Thank you!!


Thank you so much! It is a beautiful, functional plan that is us. It has everything that I want for our next home and this has been an incredible experience creating a dream.


"The time and money invested in this course can save you money in the end and you'll be able to recoup that money quicker than being self-taught."

Square Foot Superhero Student

"SFS was definitely worth the time and expense. Stef is the best! So willing to help others!"

Square Foot Superhero Student

"The course provides excellent resources and materials to help teach you the best ways to provide a great floor plan service. With the lessons and access to live classes, it creates a great learning experience for anyone. Stefani is a great teacher with a true passion for residential design."

Square Foot Superhero Student


You're sending a project proposal to a brand new client. For their dream home design, you quote them higher than any designer in your area - without even flinching.

You feel completely confident as you attach your signature and hit the send button, because you know your clients are happy - even eager - to pay.


Because they know working with you means...

  1. They're getting an experience that will be easy, smooth and professional, 
  2. A finished product where they can create lasting memories and feel confident hosting family and friends,
  3. And that, in the end, you will ultimately save them money.

How will you do that? Well, truth-be-told, they're not 100% sure. They just know that their friends raved about you and said they couldn't believe how easy designing a custom home was.

But you know that your clients always have a great experience because you...

  • Help them understand their OWN priorities better,
  • Help them make decisions ahead of time, creating a smoother, faster experience, 
  • Help them know what industry professionals they should work with (and when, and why),
  • And last of all, because you help them avoid confusion and frustration at every step of the design process.

As a new designer, how can you turn this vision of excellence in to a reality (without decades of experience)?


The Square Foot Superhero Live Course

(Only available for Spring and Fall Sessions)

Step into my world where I teach you everything I've learned in 25 years of custom home design and all the mistakes I wish I could have avoided as a new designer.

Get the insider tips and secrets that only come from real experience.
Learn how to avoid pitfalls, work with other professionals and design with confidence.

Beyond that, I'll also share with you my personal philosophy about authoring life stories through home design. And how you can do the same.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 7 LIVE Zoom sessions where I guide you through every step of my "SMARTER Home Design" framework. Walk away with total design confidence and every tool you need to build rock-solid rapport with your clients.
  • PLUS when you sign up for the LIVE (spring or fall) cohort, you'll get MORE THAN 25% off the combined value of the 7 self-paced modules.
  • 9 additional Q&A sessions hosted by me.
  • Access to 2 BONUS business courses - steal my processes that make running my business a breeze. Then learn how to set your rates and stay profitable.
  • Private FB group Invite. Keep learning as you network and build lasting relationships with other Square Floor Superhero alumni.
  • Optional VIP Upgrade (two 1:1 coaching sessions with me).

See Inside the Course

The "SMARTER" Home Design™ Framework


Check in to the Square Foot Superhero course and you'll find a course roadmap, information on the basic tools you should be using, and how to set yourself up for a successful client & home design experience.




We'll cover how to get to know the property, help your client discover and pin down their design goals, and collaborate well with other industry professionals.


I'll show you how to design a dream home that fits your client's budget with my "money superpower." You'll also get additional insider tools and strategies to keep the design on track while helping clients get the most bang for their buck.




Learn the SFS secrets to designing floor plans with optimal flow and livability. These proven strategies are unique to the Square Foot Superhero course. With these exclusive tools you'll be able to design with the end in mind and avoid costly do-overs.


Take your roof designs to the next level by learning how to balance form and function at this critical juncture in the design process. Session 4 is all about helping you design aesthetically brilliant roofs that don't break the bank.


Far from simply dotting i's, we'll cover how to add human elements to your design. Then I'll show you a way to test your layout to ensure that it (1) is easy to read, (2) plays well with other industry professionals, and (3) keeps your clients excited.




Jaw-dropping exteriors begin with a firm grasp of what's going on underneath - down to the electrical work. Avoid the dreaded "cookie cutter house" by learning how to expertly navigate the electrical and exterior elements of your home design.


At the end of the day, your reputation rests on quality control. Session 7 shows you how to perform a thorough review ensuring the floor plans are buildable, readable, and consistent, as well as how to get extra eyes on the design.



Honestly, the first 7 modules will give you more than enough to build a solid reputation and a wonderful career in residential design.

But we're not done.

When you join a live cohort, you'll also get two highly requested BONUS courses:


Stop feeling like you're always at the mercy of your next job. Instead, take control of your success by learning how to effectively set up your design business and manage your workload every step of the way.


Does bookkeeping, for you, consist of checking your account balance once a month? Then this bonus course is for you. I'll teach you 4 simple strategies to help you set targets, maximize profit, and keep the cash flowing.

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Enroll now for the Spring Cohort beginning April 3rd, 2023...

Years of experience is only the second-best way to become a master home designer.

The best way is to take the Square Foot Superhero course right out of the gate. Sign up for the upcoming Spring cohort or shop the self-paced course bundles.

Hi, I'm Stefani.

I'm the founder and CEO of Domani Home Design and the creator of the Square Foot Superhero live and self-paced courses.

Job titles aside, my 3 favorite things are (1) the smell of sawdust (I love it more than perfume), (2) making EPIC checklists, and (3) shattering the myth that building a custom home has to be a marriage-wrecking nightmare.

I've been designing homes for 25 years. And I've loved every one of them. But I had to take my lumps. And that cost me time - time I could have spent making someone's dream home a reality.

I created this course to fast-track learning for new designers who are passionate about their craft, but don't yet have enough experience to avoid all the pitfalls that like to throw a fork in the design and building process.

Being a Square Foot Superhero is all about never having to market your services, because your reputation for ease and excellence will do it all for you.

Your investment in your future starts here.

Weekly Pre-Recorded Course Videos = $2497 Value
7 Weekly Live Group Class Sessions = $897 Value
10 Weeks Course Support (Live Group Q&A Zoom) = $997 Value
Revenue Bonus Course = $397 Value
Systems Bonus Course = $397 Value
Resource Library = $97 Value
Private Facebook Group for SFS Members Only = $97 Value

TOTAL VALUE   $5,379



One-time payment


Save $91 when you pay in full!

Payment Plan option of 4 monthly installments of $397 also available.

  • Access to pre-recorded course videos 
  • Supplemental PDFs
  • Weekly LIVE classes and Q&A's
  • Private FB group
  • Included Bonuses


One-time payment


Save $99 when you pay in full!

Payment Plan option of 4 monthly payments of $474 also available.

*Includes two 45 min personal coaching calls with Stefani

  • Access to pre-recorded course videos
  • Supplemental PDFs 
  • Weekly LIVE classes & Q&As
  • Private FB group
  • Included Bonuses
  • 90 min Personal Coaching*

Hurry! Enrollment for the Spring 2023 cohort closes on April 1st.


What are you waiting for?

You're going to want to take advantage of this limited time LIVE experience for $1,497 - over 25% off the combined value of the 7 self-paced courses.

"It was the BEST investment I could have done for myself!!"
-Maggy, Owner/Residential Designer, Messa Designs

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • You operate from a growth mindset and are constantly seeking for opportunities to learn more about your craft.
  • You are looking to bring in or do more residential design work.
  • You believe in investing in your future.
  • You want more confidence and the skills you need to take your career to the next level.
  • You wish those who have gone before you in the field of residential design would share what they have learned along the way.
  • You dream of a better work/life balance and want more control over your time, output, and pay.

You may be interested in our future programs if...

  • You are a homeowner looking for someone to design your custom home plans.
  • You're looking to start with basic residential construction lingo, codes, and how to read floor plans. 
  • You want specific help in just one area of your residential design profession.
  • You already have a thriving residential design business.
  • You're unsure about how to just get started in the residential design profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

While students with some experience and/or education in architecture, design, or construction might have a greater advantage to begin with, even those students with a basic knowledge of industry lingo, codes, and floor plan fluency will benefit greatly from the secrets, strategies, and design method taught in the program. 

If you feel you have untapped potential welling up inside you, this program is for you. If you're wishing for more residential design work, this program is for you. If you've ever dreamed of being an independent residential designer and working for yourself, this program is for you. If you are looking for a way to level up your residential design skills, this program is for you.

Because I believe so strongly in the material taught in the Square Foot Superhero online course, and I want you to feel 100% confident about taking a chance on yourself, I offer a 14-day Money Back Guarantee (link to refund policy). This course can be a complete game-changer for you...IF you put in the work.

Are you ready to transform your career?