Become the residential design hero
 you've always known you are...

It's time to level up your skills and learn how to design custom homes that are
builder-friendly, engineer-friendly, and that homeowners consistently rave about.


Are you stuck working for someone else, designing by committee, or on commercial projects that don't excite you?
Do you dream of designing custom homes instead, but not sure where to start?

Great ideas aren't your problem.

But feeling unsure and scared about taking the leap to becoming a self-employed residential designer keeps you stuck and frustrated with the direction your design career is headed.

As a design student, you dreamed of more autonomy and work/like balance, but you don't know how to transition from a robot-like drafter only to a ninja home design superstar.

The Square Foot Superhero program is your answer.

Turn your post-high school training into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Get back the time and freedom you've been searching and hoping for.

Discover ways to get the word-of-mouth referrals you've always wanted.

What if you...

Knew who your dream clients are and how and where to find them.

Could confidently work directly with homeowners knowing exactly how to assess their needs and then translate them into extraordinary floor plans.

Understood exactly how to create and deliver budget-friendly AND aesthetically pleasing home designs as well as an outstanding design experience?


The Square Foot Superhero

In just eight short weeks, you'll discover industry secrets collected and compiled from over 20 years of custom home design experience delivered in a step-by-step formula that you can implement with every plan you produce, from starter home to luxury estate.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Hardware & software check, how to set up your systems, business basics, identifying your ideal client and ideal project
  • Understanding the site, extracting the "why" behind the design goals, rediscovering the value of sketches, how to gather a team of experts
  • Identifying what value engineering looks like, learning the truth about cost/SF, how to use the "Standard Advantage", what is & how to use the "Circular Design" philosophy
  • Learn to analyze the site for proper house fit, check alignments, preview aesthetics, develop x-ray vision to spot hidden problems
  • Revisit the "X, Y, and Z" home position, understand & design with roof boxes, how to keep costs down in the roof design, using the "90/10 Rule" as a design guide
  • Check for potential structural issues, identify common code concerns, learn how less is more in plan sets, confidence collaborations with key industry experts
  • Analyze the human factors of the home, adding style to the home, secret exterior features that create a simple custom look, providing the info subs are looking for
  • Understand the value of quality control, how to perform a thorough review, collecting the revision requests, ideas to "share the burden" with the client


Check out what past SFS students have to say!

 "The time and money invested in this course can save you money in the end and you'll be able to recoup that money quicker than being self taught. One of my favorite things about the course is the flexibility and conversations, and new contacts."

 - Ryan

 "SFS was definitely worth the time and expense. Steph is the best! So willing to help others! My favorite thing about the course was learning from others in the field."

 - Stacey

 "The course provides excellent resources and materials to help teach you the best ways to provide a great floor plan service. With the lessons, and access to live classes, it creates a great learning experience for anyone. Stefani is a great teacher with a true passion for residential design. Also the relationships you can build with other classmates is a great bonus." 

 - Mailey

 "Very valuable content. Stefani is friendly and approachable. No arrogance or ego - I really appreciated that!"

 - Michele

What's Inside The Course?


W e l c o m e

Check in to the Square Foot Superhero course where you'll find your course roadmap, information on the basic tools you should be using, and how to set yourself up for a successful client & home design experience.

D i s c o v e r y

By the end of Session 1, you'll have the BEST-KEPT secret for crafting an exceptional home and how to avoid the first TWO MISTAKES many residential designers make. Consider this your first step to becoming the expert guide you want to be.

D i s c o v e r y

Inside Session 2, you'll learn a secret "money" superpower along with special tools you can use to keep the design on track and help the clients get the most bang for their buck.

R e f i n e

In Session 3, you'll discover unique secrets only a SF Superhero knows that result in floor plans with great flow and ideal livability. With these tools, you'll be able to design with the end in mind to help prevent costly do-overs.

R e f i n e

Take your roof designs to the next level with the tips and tricks taught in Session 4. You'll start designing roofs that wow without breaking the bank. This is the time to make sure the design is headed in the right direction

R e f i n e

In Session 5, you'll master the art of adding the humanity in the plans as well as the essential tests to run all your plans through. Then, you'll discover the value of inviting a team of industry experts to knock the plan out of the ballpark.

D e t a i l

Discover  strategies to dress up the home design inside Session 6. With a few simple tweaks you can learn how to add the wow factor that allows the home design to go beyond a pre-packaged look.

D e t a i l

No great work is complete without a quality control check. Session 7 shows you how to perform a thorough review ensuring the floor plans are buildable, readable, and consistent as well as how to get extra eyes on the design.

Plus, your registration includes these
top-requested bonus courses!


All too often, service providers are at the mercy of their next job. Inside the "SFS Systems" course, we'll blow 4 common misconceptions out of the water when it comes to setting up and managing your business workload so you can stay in control of your own success.


If managing your business finances happens only when you check your account balance online, then the "SFS Revenue" course will change the way you think about your business' sustainability. Inside this bonus course, you'll learn four simple profitability strategies you can begin to implement immediately.


Learn best by doing? Want more real-life examples from the core teachings? Check out your resource library area for useful examples, videos, and links to keep you focused on your successful residential design journey.

get started today

This is what you've been searching for...

The lessons inside the Square Foot Superhero program are based on proven systems and strategies. Paced with busy designers like you in mind, they are clear, easy to manage, applicable, and engaging.

If you've ever wanted to increase your confidence or level up your experience as a professional residential designer, this program is for YOU!

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • You operate from a growth mindset and are constantly seeking for opportunities to learn more about your craft.
  • You are looking to bring in or do more residential design work.
  • You believe in investing in your future.
  • You want more confidence and the skills you need to take your career to the next level.
  • You wish those who have gone before you in the field of residential design would share what they have learned along the way.
  • You dream of a better work/life balance and want more control over your time, output, and pay.

You may be interested in our future programs if...

  • You are a homeowner looking for someone to design your custom home plans.
  • You're looking to start with basic residential construction lingo, codes, and how to read floor plans. 
  • You want specific help in just one area of your residential design profession.
  • You already have a thriving residential design business.
  • You're unsure about how to just get started in the residential design profession.

 "In the last 40 years I have had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of design professionals. I have come to the conclusion that not all design professionals were blessed with the same creative AND design process and procedure skills. To me, a successful design professional realizes there is more than one solution for every design problem.

  • A successful design professional informs and educates their clients.
  • A successful design professional does not impose a particular style on their clients.
  • A successful design professional is a good listener and asks the right questions.
  • A successful design professional always tries to protect a client from themselves and unsuccessful design solutions but in the end the design professional realizes the project is not theirs to impose their ego on.
  • A successful design pro will always seek to educate themselves to explore multiple design solutions and the related potential problems.

Based on my interpretation of what defines a successful design professional,  I can highly recommend Stefani Thatcher as this kind of successful design professional."

Paul Keeler
Licensed Landscape Architect
Owner, Deseret Land Design

"It was the BEST investment I could have done for myself!!"
-Maggy, Owner/Residential Designer, Messa Designs

Hey there...
It's me, Stefani!

First off, I am a wannabe word-nerd and definite self-proclaimed geek when it comes to patterns and puzzles. I have an equal passion for creativity and checklists, am an 80% visual learner (20% hands-on), and hope to one day find someone to pay me to travel to all the cool places in the world. Mix these traits together and it's no wonder I LOVE my job as a residential designer.

As a young girl I watched, fascinated, as my dad built our family home. Later on, I had the good fortune of marrying into a construction family. My husband bought me my own toolbelt when we built our first home together in 1999! I love the smell of sawdust (more than perfume) and wish building a custom home didn't have the stigma of breaking up otherwise good marriages.

That, and the frustration of not having enough time to design ALL THE HOMES, has led me to bundle up my nearly 25 years of residential design experience into a specialized online training course. Inside the course I share my unique secrets and techniques for crafting exceptional custom floor plans AND a phenomenal client experience to begin their new home journey on a good note.

What are you waiting for?

Learn how to see beyond your limitations, recognize your talents, and believe in your new and improved skills as a residential designer. Through my decades of experience in this field I've dared to try, had setbacks and frustrations, asked a lot of questions, and continually refined my skills and processes.

Now it's your turn!

Make it easy on yourself and let someone who has mapped it all out for you show you the exact method that can get you the results you're after. You just might be amazed at the progress you can make!

Frequently Asked Questions

While students with some experience and/or education in architecture, design, or construction might have a greater advantage to begin with, even those students with a basic knowledge of industry lingo, codes, and floor plan fluency will benefit greatly from the secrets, strategies, and design method taught in the program. 

If you feel you have untapped potential welling up inside you, this program is for you. If you're wishing for more residential design work, this program is for you. If you've ever dreamed of being an independent residential designer and working for yourself, this program is for you. If you are looking for a way to level up your residential design skills, this program is for you.

Because I believe so strongly in the material taught in the Square Foot Superhero online course, and I want you to feel 100% confident about taking a chance on yourself, I offer a 14-day Money Back Guarantee (link to refund policy). This course can be a complete game-changer for you...IF you put in the work.

Sit tight! The next session will open in Spring 2023.


How would you like client testimonials like these?

Your future clients could be saying things like this to you once you begin designing homes like a Square Foot Superhero!

You have made this process that I was initially terrified of totally enjoyable and easy. Thank you for making our dreams a reality!!


Just wanted to let you know we really appreciate what you are doing and have somewhat of an idea of the complexity. We love the way it's all headed and all that we are learning through the process as well. You are awesome! Thank you!!


Thank you so much! It is a beautiful, functional plan that is us. It has everything that I want for our next home and this has been an incredible experience creating a dream.


Your investment in your future starts here.

Weekly Pre-Recorded Course Videos = $2497 Value
7 Weekly Live Group Class Sessions = $897 Value
10 Weeks Course Support (Live Group Q&A Zoom) = $997 Value
Revenue Bonus Course = $397 Value
Systems Bonus Course = $397 Value
Resource Library = $97 Value
Private Facebook Group for SFS Members Only = $97 Value

TOTAL VALUE   $5,379



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One-time payment


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  • Access to courses
  • Included Bonuses 
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  • Access to courses
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Payment Plan


Four monthly installments

*Includes two 45 min personal coaching calls with Stefani

  • Access to courses
  • Included Bonuses
  • Course Support
  • PDF Support Docs
  • 90 min Personal Coaching

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