Learn the superhero secrets behind Alignments & Aesthetics, Roofs, and Testing.

In Phase 2 - REVISE of SFS, you will level up your skills to create floor plans with optimal flow, roofs that wow, and that are builder-friendly.

Course Summary

For this course, we have broken out Phase 2 of the Square Foot Superhero course. In this phase, we are focusing on REVISING your designs to fit your client's lifestyle and aesthetic.

Square Foot Superhero follows the "SMARTER" Home Design™ method, and Phase 2 includes...

Module 3 - "A": Aligned Aesthetics
In this module, we will cover how to design floor plans with optimal flow and livability, as well as designing with the end in mind. We will discuss how to foresee potential future structural or design issues, saving your clients time and money.

Module 4 - "R": Roofs & Revisits
In this module, we will cover how to take your roof designs to the next level by balancing form and function. We will discuss the use of the circular design theory to set up the layout from the beginning to achieve the desired roof that matches the homeowner's style.

Module 5 - "T": Test & Tidy Up
In this module, we will cover how to add human elements to your design, and how to test your floor plan layout to ensure that it is easy to read, plays well with other industry professionals, and keeps your clients excited.

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